Here’s Proof The Tesla Cybertruck Won’t Have The Yoke After All


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May 23, 2023

Here’s Proof The Tesla Cybertruck Won’t Have The Yoke After All

The Cybertruck has been spotted with a round steering wheel – what does this

The Cybertruck has been spotted with a round steering wheel – what does this mean for the Yoke?!

The Tesla Cybertruck has kept us on our toes since its launch back in 2019. Every time we think the unorthodox-looking truck has faded away into oblivion, there is some news about it that makes us jump from our seats again. This time, it's because we’ve got some scoop about its interior! has spotted the Tesla Cybertruck with a steering wheel – yes, a ‘round’ steering wheel – in a recent Tesla bot update video, which makes us wonder if the automaker has finally decided to forget all about the Yoke. Or, will the ‘wheel’ be offered as an option?

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As you can see above (go to 0:58 timestamp), this Cybertruck prototype has a round steering wheel present; however, we’ll have to wait for the truck to launch (which could be an eternity) or wait for Tesla to shed some light on this. There are two ways to go from here – either Tesla offers this as a piece of standard equipment, or offers it as an option like it now does on the Model X and the Model S that came with the Yoke as standard. After backlash from customers and critics alike, Tesla decided to offer a steering 'wheel' to owners and new potential customers who want nothing to do with the Yoke steering for $700. But, the good news, for now, is that a Yoke won't be forced down our throats this time around… or so it seems!

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This isn't the first time we’re seeing the Cybertruck's interior. A few days back, we got leaked photos of the Cybertruck's prototype interior that gave us a much better glimpse of what's going on inside the cabin. This photo was taken at the Tesla Shareholders’ Day at the company's Giga Texas facility held recently. The steering wheel there, however, looked like a Yoke and a traditional steering wheel's lovechild. Knowing how erratic Tesla can get, will this be a third steering option that we get? Nope, you can't rule that out. We also noticed that there are no stalks. Instead, you’ve got the Yoke-like scroll wheels on the spokes, along with controls for the infotainment system, the windshield wiper, and the turn indicators. Apart from this, the cabin was pretty ‘minimal’ with just a massive touchscreen system slapped on the dash. Take that out, and you’ll probably feel like you’re sitting in a car from the 20th century.

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With these new spottings through official videos, test facilities, and videos from reviewers, it looks like the Tesla Cybertruck might be on the verge of finally turning from a myth to reality. There will be a few tweaks on the outside, like the single-blade Gigawiper, triangular-shaped rearview wing mirrors, and a retractable Tonneau cover. On the mechanical front, there is not a lot of information. The Cybertruck is still expected to have a 500-mile range in its best avatar. If we go by the current standards in the segment, the Cybertruck will be the best pickup in this regard. At the time of writing this, the Chevy Silverado EV with its 450-mile EPA-rated range sits at the top of the hill, but might lose its throne to the Cybertruck if the latter comes out soon. At launch, Tesla announced that single-, dual-, and tri-motor setups will be offered, but you could see a quad-motor setup offered, too. For all we know, this might replace the single-motor option as no other pickup truck currently on sale comes with less than two electric motors.

All said and done, this could very well be the last delay and Tesla might finally start the Cybertruck's production this year and start deliveries soon. But, that's more wishful thinking than optimism, and since it's Tesla we’re talking about, don't hold your breath!

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