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Jan 13, 2024

Best windshield wipers in 2022

Autoblog may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing

Autoblog may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

Windshield wiper blades are almost always the last thing on your mind, but they can become a big problem if they’re not working properly. Keeping your windshield clear and dry is a vital job, though, so it's best not to ignore worn or broken wiper blades. The good news is that they’re super easy to source and install, and you won't need fancy tools. We’ve selected our favorite wiper blade replacements to help get your easy DIY project started on the right foot. Let's get rolling.

Rain-X got its start making useful spray-on water-repellant products and has since expanded into several automotive categories. The Silicone Endura wipers offer long-lasting construction that the company says offers twice the lifespan of traditional rubber units. At the same time, the blades feature extreme temperature resistance and have been tested in temperatures as low as -20 Fahrenheit.

Toughness aside, Rain-X designed the blades for easy installation on a variety of wiper arms, and the company says the blades are flexible to fit the curvature of any windshield. Rain-X makes the Endura in sizes that range from 16 to 28 inches, so there's a fit for almost any application.

Bosch makes all kinds of automotive parts and replacement components, and the company's wiper blades are excellent replacements for tired OEM units. The company promises reliable all-weather performance and easy installation. The blades also feature an aerodynamic shape that helps keep them in contact with the windshield at high speeds. Their enclosed tension springs help maintain downforce to squeegee the water away efficiently.

PIAA's Super Silicone Wiper Blades offer a durable design with a unique blade shape that maintains constant and complete contact with the windshield. The blades also apply an invisible film on the windshield that helps repel water, but you’ll need to use the pre-installation prep pack to clean and prepare the glass. Once they’re worn, PIAA offers refill packs with new silicone blade inserts so the whole unit does not need to be replaced.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly wiper replacement that gets the job done without any flash or added cost, the ANCO 31-Series blades are the right fit. They are available in several sizes and feature natural rubber construction, decreasing costs and providing reliable water removal. The blades come in a one-piece design that ANCO says helps resist corrosion and weather damage, and they feature an easy installation feature for quick replacement.

Of course! Replacing windshield wiper blades is one of the most straightforward DIY vehicle repairs. Most new wipers don't require tools to install, so it's just a matter of finding the right fit. Make sure to find the correct wiper fit, and the rest of the job is easy as pie.

Most major auto parts stores offer free installation if you buy the wiper blades from them. Service availability may vary between locations, so it's best to check with your local store before heading in for new wiper blades.

In general, count on replacing your wiper blades every year, but it's best to replace the blades once you notice that they aren't performing as well as they used to.

Manufacturers often offer wiper blades in pairs, but it's not a rule. Several major brands sell individual wipers, though, so it's not difficult to find a single if you need it.

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