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May 01, 2023

Easy to install, perfect wiping

Schwalbach, Germany, January 24, 2023. Continental launches the next generation

Schwalbach, Germany, January 24, 2023. Continental launches the next generation of windshield wipers, featuring improved technology, a new design and better handling – AQUACTRL2. The new product series offers a choice between pre-assembled set solutions designed to fit individual vehicles (DirectFit) or single wipers with adapters for flexible mounting to fit a wide range of different vehicle models (MultiClip). Both series feature easy handling and perfect wiping performance in Continental's well-known OEM quality. A high vehicle market coverage of the two AQUACTRL2 series combined with a low number of article numbers also increases workshop partners’ service quality. They can always find the right windshield wiper for their customers – quickly and easily. AQUACTRL2 windshield wipers replace the AQUACTRL series, are now available at specialist retailers and can already be ordered in the TecDoc online catalog system. "We’ve succeeded in achieving two goals with our AQUACTRL2: We make driving safer and workshops’ everyday servicing easier," says Harald Braunberger, Head of Product Management Replacement Parts in the Automotive Aftermarket business segment at Continental.

Continental has redesigned the coupler for the AQUACTRL2 wipers. The coupler connects the wiper arm to the wiper blade via an adapter. Continental has made it slimmer and slightly longer in shape, significantly improving the distribution of the wiper blades’ contact pressure on the windshield. Another advantage is the broader field of usage – the new windshield wipers can now be mounted on many vehicle models with wash nozzles integrated into the wiper arms. The new flat bar wiping technology also ensures perfect wiping performance and crystal-clear visibility in all kinds of weather. Specially shaped spoilers ensure maximum windshield contact, a two-part metal rail maintains even pressure distribution on the windshield, and a patented rubber blade with graphite coating gives the wipers a longer service life.

The adapter is already pre-assembled in the DirectFit series of the AQUACTRL2. After unpacking, the complete wiper can be easily clicked into the wiper arm, making windshield wiper installation a breeze. The DirectFit models come in a set with two windshield wipers. They are ideal for newer vehicle models on which the previous OE wipers from the original equipment need to be replaced. The pre-assembled adapters not only fit perfectly from a technical point of view but also visually resemble the OE adapters.

In contrast to the DirectFit models, the MultiClip series focuses on modularity and flexibility when replacing wipers. AQUACTRL2 MultiClip windshield wipers are individually packed and can be selected for the driver's or passenger's side – so just one wiper can be easily replaced. The newly designed coupler between the MultiClip adapter and wiper blade enables installation without an intermediate plate. For each wiper blade, Continental supplies several adapters for installation on the wiper arms of a wide range of car models. This is also an advantage for storage. Every MultiClip adapter meets the highest quality requirements for perfect fitting and robustness, just like OE models. If the correct adapter is attached to the coupler, the AQUACTRL2 can be installed easily and quickly.

The right model, found quickly: AQUACTRL2 makes it easy for workshops

Searching for the right windshield wiper can cost workshops a lot of time and customers a tiresome wait. Continental makes this easy for its workshop partners because both the DirectFit and the MultiClip series cover almost the entire range of European passenger cars with a manageable set of part numbers. When launched, the DirectFit range will cover more than 70% of the vehicle market with 77 article numbers –the MultiClip series will achieve more than 90% with only 21 article numbers. The advantages for workshops are apparent here: Simple and fast search and ordering processes, plus less space required in the spare parts warehouse. The packaging also makes workshop life easier because a highly visible QR code on the front of the packaging displays the matching vehicle models – and easy-to-understand installation instructions on the back of the packaging show you how to attach the AQUACTRL2 windshield wipers in no time at all. More hints and tips, including an assembly video, can also be accessed via another QR code.

"With the new AQUACTRL2 generation, we’ve succeeded in optimizing an established and proven product range for workshops and their customers, and not only in terms of quality and safety. The service business is also about reducing complexity in everyday workshop life. Our new windshield wipers shorten the search for the correct wiper blade, simplify the ordering process and make installation child's play – advantages that can really benefit our workshop partners," says Harald Braunberger.

Christopher Schrecke

Media Spokesperson Smart Mobility

Continental Automotive

New design makes front windshield wipers slimmer and gives them an ultra-modern look Choice of pre-assembled set solutions (DirectFit) or single wipers with adapter solutions (MultiClip) Improved adapter system and innovative spoiler for higher contact pressure The MultiClip series covers more than 90% of the European vehicle market Christopher Schrecke